Why I Quit Selling On eBay

Why I Quit Selling On eBay


By Leon Carlson Founder of Mister Find IT

     I had been selling on eBay pretty much from the beginning, since 1998.   Back then eBay paid you $5 to sign up, and if you gave them the name of the person that told you about eBay they also paid that person $5 (You got that in site credit).   I remember when I first started, my photos were done with a Polaroid camera and then scanned to electronic transfer onto eBay.  Payments were also a joke.  After the sale your had to wait 3 to 7 days for a check or money order to arrive in the snail mail.  Then deposit the check, wait till it clears and then ship the item to the customer.  But even back then the scammers tried to cash in.  They would mail you an unsealed envelope with no check or money order, and claim they sent you payment.  Many fake money orders and NSF checks were also mailed.   It was a real blessing in when Paypal started processing payments.   You only had to provide your bank account, routing number and your business EIN.   And when eBay acquired Paypal in it was like a blessed financial marriage.    Antiques and collectibles were selling like hot cakes, and you got your money the same day as the sale.

Then near 2015 before eBay sold Paypal, scammers were on the rise.  eBay would not honor the sellers side, and refused to give refunds, while the same issue with Paypal and Paypal would side with the seller, while holding the same proof of the scammer.   This is what prompted eBay to sell Paypal and start Managed Payments.  For sellers this was like taking the children (sellers) and tossing them into a nasty divorce when the parents wen’t getting along.  When eBay first started promoting it, they made it sound like you would not be dealing with a third party.  While they stated rolling it out it was with just a small group, then it went to being forced onto everyone that sold on eBay.   I was a power seller with 100% positive feedback when they forced “managed payments” on me (2021).  At first  they would not allow me to edit or make any changes to my listings (and some how stopped viewers from making a purchase), and eventually would not allow me to list anything else.    You see I was one of the few that read the fine print, and decided NO WAY WILL I AGREE TO THAT!  And decide to end my selling on Ebay.

No more selling on eBay
No more selling on eBay

1.) The 3rd party company that eBay uses for managed payments is Adyen,  who is based in the Netherlands, and gets it’s financial backing from Asia.

2.) They not only wanted my business EIN, but also wanted my SSN, and my spouse’s (name of business beneficiary) name and SSN.

3.) They not only wanted my bank account and routing number (that’s all I gave  Paypal for almost 25 years),  they also wanted my BANK USER NAME AND PASSWORD.

4.) Then you were giving them POWER OF ATTORNEY TO YOUR BANK ACCOUNT!

5.) If that were not enough, as you sign up you are also releasing eBay and Adyen from any responsibility in the event anything went wrong


With all that information entered into a data base, a ticked off employee, or even a CEO (or anyone in that chain) with access to your information could make you and millions of others victims of Identity Theft, as that information is a gold mine to them.  And IF you were able to track it back to eBay, eBay would simply say “Not our problem”, just as they do now with sellers dealing with obvious scammers.

No more selling on eBay
No more selling on eBay

About the same time of my leaving eBay, the news of “eBay stalking scandal” with Ida and David Steiner of Massachusetts broke out. The Steiner’s run EcommerceBytes, the website became a resource for sellers on a number of platforms, from Etsy to Amazon, a kind of trade publication for anyone whose business is selling items online. The website not only offers advice, but also critiques of eBay’s corporate and policy changes.   The Steiners were harassed and threatened both online and physically in their home by deliveries of such things as a bloody pig mask, live cockroaches and spiders, funeral wreath, and large orders of pizza. Pornographic magazines with David Steiner’s name on them were sent to a neighbor’s house.  Ebay employees (including big-wigs) flew from California to Boston so they could vandalize the couple’s home as well as stalk their personal vehicle. Plans were even made to break into the couple’s garage and place a GPS tracker on their car.   In June 2020, the U.S. Department of Justice charged six eBay employees and contractors with conspiracy to commit cyberstalking and conspiracy to tamper with witnesses; a seventh former employee was charged in July  2020.   These were top eBay executives.


In addition eBay is consistently having glitches like lost of photos, lost of entire listings, or changing and dropping categories so even their customers can’t easily find what they’re looking for.

I have moved on to sell on my own website and Mercari.  I continue to hear about how eBay continues to hurt their sellers and am glad I left.  Next issue I will discuss reselling success with garage sales.

   Tell us your eBay horror stories! 

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