Shopify VS Groovekart

Shopify VS Groovekart

Shopify VS Groovekart

This Shopify vs Groovekart review is done because many people are looking at different e-commerce platforms to sell wholesale or drop shipped products.  Shopify has been around since 2004 vs Groovekart which started in 2018.   We took the time to research each platform, and will let you review what works best for you.  The platform feature is listed alphabetically in bold – while

Shopify results are in Green VS GrooveKart in Blue.    (FN = Footnote)

Shopify VS Groovekart
                Shopify VS Groovekart 


Groovekart ecommerce
      Groovekart E-commerce


Abandon Cart – Re-targeting:

519 apps available. *FN-4   Included

AliExpress direct order / page creation:

518 apps available. *FN-4 / Included


Included /  Included


4,100 + apps *FN-4 / Includes at least 3 print on demand, customer reviews, social sites, spin a discount, coupons, up-sells before and after cart, social proof, layer app, timers and more.

Shopify VS Groovekart


297 apps available. *FN-4 / Your creation Unlimited – Included

Check Out Page Up-sales: 

465 apps available. *FN-4 / Included

Currency Converter: 

400 apps available. *FN-4 / Included

Customer Look Up:  Shows every order and contact information for that customer.

1051 apps available. *FN-4 / Included

Customer Support:

24/7 – Online, community forums, knowledge base. / 24/7 – Knowledge base, community board, support tickets, email support.

Shopify VS Groovekart

Drop and Drag Page Builder:

Included / Included

Edit title tags, meta descriptions, and product details, SEO tools:

Yes, also has a built in blog. / Easy access to HTML code & Meta tags Included.

Funnel Builder:

124 apps available. *FN-4 / Built into cart page builder for physical and drop ship products. Need Groove pages for digital products. 


Guarantee VS What
          Guarantee VS What


14 day Free Trial / 30 – Day 100% Money Back

Help Desk for your store: 

74 apps available. *FN-4 / Included

Shopify VS Groovekart

Layer App: Allows you to drag any pattern onto apparel for print on demand products.

593 apps available. *FN-4 / Included with the print on demand integrations.


Yes. *FN-3 / Free Marketing Training , Webinars, and replays.  

Order Fulfillment: Drop shipped suppliers can be notified and order shipped, with you and customer receiving tracking notifications with one click, and you never touching the product.

Through Oberlo, free up to 10,000 products (don’t include tracking) then $29.90 to $79.90 per month includes tracking and other features. /Unlimited products. This is done through Dropified, with GrooveKart you get 90 days free, then a highly discounted rate thereafter. 

Payment Options: 

Shop Pay, and 100 third party payment gateways.  Charges additional 0.5 to 2% transaction fee for all payments not processed on Shop Pay. /, Groovepay, PayPal, & Stripe – *FN-2   

Shopify VS Groovekart


$29.00 to $299 per month, plus app and transaction fees.  *FN-3 & FN-4.

 $99 Mo / $997 year  / $1491  One time Lifetime (Some limited promotions will give a FREE package deal).

Print On Demand:

197 apps available. *FN-4 / 3 Systems Included

Product Design Tool: 

1089 apps available. *FN-4 / Included

Scarcity Tools:

109 apps available. *FN-4 / Included

Shopify VS Groovekart

Sell Anywhere: 

Yes, has 70+ themes for ecommerce, point of sale, and social channels –

*FN-3 / Yes, includes ways to convert languages and currency. 

Social Proof Tools: Reviews, someone just ordered, etc.

345 apps available. *FN-4 / Included

Teescape Integration: 

Free to Install / Included

Ecommerce Countdown Timer
     E commerce Countdown Timer


354 apps available. *FN-4 / Included


Shopify Community Board, or hire a Shopify expert. / Live and Recorded – Included – Free weekly Webinars, replays, community help board.

Shopify VS Groovekart


360 apps available. *FN-4 / 1-Click up-sales are included for every page.

Variants   (size, colors, etc): 

191 apps available. *FN-4 / Included

Vitamin Products to re-sell:

2 apps available. *FN-4 / The license to sell is included, and can be drop-shipped.

Wheel Discount Spinners: 

182 apps available. *FN-4 / Included



Disclaimer: Amounts, apps, numbers and features were what was discovered at time of review, and may or may not be the same or available now.

When we analyzed Groovekart they were adding a ton of features, site was in beta and some of the functions did not operate correctly, but Groovekart engineers were quickly fixing the bugs.

The logos used in  these comparisons are the copyright of the prospective owners.

* FN-2) No per sale transaction fee from GrooveKart.  There may be fees associated from other payment processors, but GrooveKart does not take a transaction fee as many other e-commerce platforms do. GroovePay is Groovekart’s payment processor, at rates lower than other processors.

* FN-3) Some themes, marketing and functions may have additional charges.  Most traffic for 3rd party platforms comes from paid ads.

*FN-4) At the time of this review, we analyzed a YouTube video that mentioned 99 must have Shopify Apps ( . These apps did things like linking to your social media pages, adding up- sells, spinning wheel discounts, customer reviews and more, after the free period you would be charged $1,740 to $4,116 per month in app fees (depending if you paid annually or monthly).

We hope you benefit from this Shopify VS GrooveKart review.

Have a great day!

Click here for Free 14 day trial of Shopify.

Click here to get more details on GrooveKart. 

Next post we’ll talk about reselling auction items.

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