Resell Market What Can I Sell To Make Money

Resell Market What Can I Sell To Make Money

Resell Market 

What Can I Sell To Make Money?

By Leon Carlson Founder of Mister Find IT

When you ask yourself “What can I sell to make money?”  The simple answer is in the resell market place, almost anything.  However your answer toWhat can I sell to make money?”, can be the biggest factor to your success.  As your budget, time, skills or commitment to learn new skills all play into your resell market.  Let this article be a guide to help you decide what level of reselling do you want to do.  Most of these areas of selling to make money, require very little cash to get started (I started with $15), but may also take a large chunk of your time to resell, although most people start out part time.  I know several resellers that make six digits reselling full time.  Another big factor is where you get your merchandise (if any) to resell.


You can sell items from your home.  You can sell things that you purchase from garage sales, flea markets, thrift stores, Goodwill bins, and auctions (live, online and storage locker).  Oblivious items you have at home, you have previously purchased, and most items from the other sources here are also used, but there is a big resell market for used items that are still in good condition.  Most of these sources, (if you do your home work) you will make money reselling.

Garage Sale Tips for Success
Garage sale for items to resell

In most cases:

1.) Make sure the item is clean,

2.) Shoot some photos,

3.) Write a description,

4.) List and wait for the item to sell on whatever platform you choose.

5.) Pack and ship.

6.) Make money from what your selling.

No excuses Jump in and do it.

Most items from garage sales, flea markets, individual items from auctions and thrift stores will be clean and ready to resell.  If you buy from Goodwill bins or storage locker auctions, plan on a lot of cleaning time, and a lot to be trash.  You will be selling in many different categories.  Selling this type of items will require some inventory space, and you have to photo and describe each individual item.  Some have given up the guest bedroom or the garage to get started. Buying things to resell in this market has the highest profit potential per dollar invested (over 500% is not uncommon).

If you’re selling :

Homemade items:

Clothing and hard goodsBonanza or Mercari, Social Media buy and sell boards, and Poshmark for high end clothing and accessories.  No eBay.

No more selling on eBay
No more selling on eBay

Antiques and Collectibles: Research everything, and sell directly to a collector, or through a specialty auction.  You can find many of these in social media groups pertaining to the antique or collectible.

What can you sell when you don’t have space or time?

If you have no cash, no inventory space, or limited time to start your reselling business, you may consider drop shipped or print on demand items to sell and make money.  Essentially:

1.) A company will allow you to take orders for these items in the above market places, GrooveKart or on your own website (with marked up prices),

2.) The customer pays you when they order, and

3.) You place the order with the drop ship or print on demand company,

4.) The company then fills the order and ships the item directly to your customer.

5.) You make money with the difference that you charge your customer and what you pay for the item.

drop shipping explained

We have several drop shippers and print on demand companies in our reseller’s directory.   GrooveKart can also be great for digital products like podcasts, e-books, or affiliated products.  All are things you can sell to make money.  You don’t make as large of a profit margin (generally 35-50%), but you also don’t have to inventory anything, or really even touch the items you’re selling.   And on the upside, you create the listing one time, and sell the item hundreds or thousands of times.  This is especially helpful when you have to build your reselling business when raising kids or with only a few hours each day.  Once you’re established, you just pass your orders (via email or log in) to your supplier, and you’re making money while the kids are napping, or have gone to bed.  As your business grows, you can hire someone to do this, and thus buy your time back.  This also works for those on the road, with down time.

People with limited time reselling

No matter where you resell your items, if you really want to sell things that make money, you want to have keywords in your titles and descriptions.  The best keyword tool I found is Keywords Everywhere, for $10 bucks you get 100,000 searched keywords (as of this writing).  It works with Google search.  When you search a list of the most keywords for that search will show up alongside the Google results.


What can you sell to make BIG money?  This is where you want to start buying wholesale, you may have a warehouse, brick and mortar store, your own website, or even selling on Amazon.   Depending on how you’re set up, you will mainly sell related items in very few categories, and be ordering by the pallet, or truckload.  Some have a small warehouse in their garage.   Many people have steady six figure incomes by ordering wholesale items, and reselling them on Amazon.   Now I don’t sell on Amazon, but many of my friends do, and tell me that you can spend 40% of the retail price to sell there if your items are slow moving (shelf space).  But this can be very profitable if you find that niche product, that you private label to resell.  As long as you keep Amazon supplied and customers happy, you can literally sell 10,000 or more of one item each and every month.  This type of reselling can make very big money, but is also very risky.   If your inventory runs out before your next shipment arrives, Amazon will go to your supplier and resell the same item themselves on their platform.  Now your next shipment arrives, who’s product is going to be in the buy box, yours or Amazon’s?   What are you going to do with rejected or non selling inventory?  Should you decide to sell and make money this way, I highly recommend testing the product with drop shipping in some of the other platforms before selling on Amazon.  And seek the tools and advice of experts from Jungle Scout or Helium 10, as they know the best way to check how many of each product is selling, and how to get your product into the buy box.

garage warehouse
Pallets in garage or warehouse

IF you’re still asking yourself “What can I sell to make money?” You can always check out our Resellers Directory of drop shippers and wholesalers, just browsing the list of products can allow you to brainstorm and find a good niche.

Until next time Have A Great Day!

(If you don’t think you’re having a great day, just try missing one.)

Next time I will cover finding a niche market to resell.

What do you like to sell to make money? 

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