Choosing A Website Host

Choosing A Website Host

Choosing A Website Host

By Leon Carlson Founder of Mister Find IT

    Choosing a host for your website is a topic that many resellers and website  developers will not talk about.  Often this is because once a person chooses what platform they’re going to use, it becomes the one they stay with for the duration of the websites life.   This is why many web hosting sites will offer cheap web hosting or even web hosting free for a short time.  For many people after they start developing their website, it may seem difficult to switch, even though many new web hosts will transfer your site for free or at a very low price.

Free Website Host
Free Website Host gets you hooked

I have reviewed many websites to help the owner increase their SEO (search engine optimization), and have found the web host to be the major cause of not being found in natural search.   Many don’t realize that in addition to SEO, search engines also deliver results based on one’s ip (internet protocol) address that is assigned by the location of the server, the website will be hosted on.  And it’s a good thing they do, otherwise you could do a search, and your results could show up in a foreign language.  But this also applies to countries that speak or write the same language.

 With high promotion of the website host, many will fall for the host that promotes – fast – easy website – in just a few minutes.  Our goal is to help you choose the best web hosting. 

Without much research, many sign up for their hosting service.  But if the web hosting server is located in Canada or Australia, and you’re in the United States, you will have very little natural traffic to your website.  This means that to resell your goods or to get customers to use your service, you need to pay high priced advertising, and you need to do it often.   You will rank higher in natural search results if you’re hosting company is in the same country as you are.

So the first question for your website hosting company should be “Where are your servers located”? 

This is fine if your target market is for a product that you’re selling across your country.   But if you’re in the service industry, say a plumber, than you want the hosted servers as close to the city in which you will be providing your services.  If not within your city, than at least located within your state.   These guidelines apply also for selling platforms.

The next question for your website host should be;

“Do you allow robot.txt files”?

The first thing a search engine robot looks for when indexing a website, is the robot.txt file. If your website host don’t offer one, or you can’t create or have access, you will have to be at the mercy of your web hosting services, and again pay high advertising fees.   In addition check on having a Sitemap and Sitemap.txt file, as all of these play an important role of your website being found, and ranking high in search results.

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How website host works
    Website Owner > Website Host >< Your Website to web >< Visitors

As we want the best web hosting for beginners or a seasoned pro, we want you to be asking the right questions.  And there are so many variables that depend on what type of website you need.  Are you doing the set up or will you hire a web host manager?  Do you know how to code, or do you need a point and click website?  Are you building an e-commerce site or database site?  If building a database site, you want a web host with PHP and MySql  support.  If your building an e-commerce site, you want Word Press and Woo Commerce.  If you’re building a local service provider website, you may want to learn some code so you can out do the competition in search rankings.   Most website hosts offer cPanel, in which you can do,  develop or add all these features.   We have several website hosts in our directory that you can pick over, to see what works for you.  Before signing up for a website host, submit your questions to the website host (testing their customer service). If you don’t get a reply within 24 hours, or if you only get robo replies, you may want to continue your website host search.

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Next article will be on “How Search Engines Work“. 

Until then Have A Great Day! 

(If you don’t think you’re having a great day, just try missing one.)

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