About Mister Find IT, LLC

About Mister Find IT, LLC

Welcome to Mister Find IT, LLC (R).  About Us:

By Leon Carlson Founder of Mister Find IT

We Believe in Doing The Right Thing When Nobody Is  Looking.

We believe in honesty and going the extra mile.  

As a family business, for over 25 (since 1993) we’ve been finding things to resell.   We stated with only $15,  buying our inventory from live auctions.  We started reselling before eBay.  Buying things (antiques, collectibles, collections, liquidation merchandise, and other unique items) from live auctions and reselling them by mail, or to buyers in our local area, and at garage sales.

Reselling Antiques and Collectibles
Reselling Antiques and Collectibles

We have given refunds or replacements for items that were not as described, arrived broken, and at the same time denied sales to scammers.   Despite what our policies say, we treat every issue individually.  Today, we sell Unique Gifts (only a small portion is antiques and collectibles)  and other things online, we continue to seek quality, affordable items for our customers.

Some look down at reselling, but even Wal-Mart does reselling.  We just do it at a more personal level.  When you contact us by text, with the number in the bottom of our contact us form, a live person from the United States will contact you back.

We also understand a lot of people would like to start their own business, and reselling is a very easy to start with little capital, but it’s also a complicated  business when reselling online.  Many don’t know where to start, what platform to sell on, what apps to add and so on.

We learned a lot about online business over the years, and are willing to teach some of those lessons, free through this blog, but also know that as a reseller, you also will want good USA suppliers and services, so we created our directory of wholesalers and drop shippers.

Because we care about your success as a reseller, whither you’re just starting or a seasoned pro – this reselling blog will give you true inside tips, and reviews.  

Reselling works because one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Many times you go through a lot of trash to find that one treasure,  in many ways it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.  But we have found and will continue to find what our buyers and viewers are looking for.

Needle in haystack
Needle in a haystack

Our Name

One day after buying out a semi trailer full of desks, the founder’s mother called.  She was on the board for an office complex, and they were looking to re-furnish their offices.  She called and said “Hey Mister can you help me Find IT”.   The name “Mister Find IT” was established.   The founder was selling the desks from the front of his house on a busy two lane highway.  One lady stopped and bought 2 desks, and was given the number for Mister Find IT.   She returned about 2 years (desks were no longer in front of the house) later and said “I don’t know if I’m at the right place, but I’m looking for Mister Find IT”.   We figured if someone can remember a name for two years after hearing it only once, it will stay.  Today it’s our registered trademark.

Our buying sources went from individual items at live auctions, to storage lockers, to store liquidations,  wholesale merchandise, and manufacture direct (we still do a little reselling from all of these), and pass the savings onto our customers.

Not until 2002 did we actually started to sell online with our own website.    Through trial and error we took our website from not being found (if each website represented a piece of paper,  we were about 255,000 pages down), to number 1 in our chosen category on Google in 2005.  We held that position on Google until 2016, when we closed the website to reorganize our business model.

This blog is dedicated to your success.

We give you inside tips on reselling and online marketing, by telling of some of our experiences and through true product reviews.  Access to our Reseller Web Resources is FREE.   This includes who to get merchandise from, who to contact, where to sell, and some great tools that can help enhance your resell marketing.

To get updates of this blog, check the box in our contact form.

Mister Find IT

Next article will be on “Understanding the Collectible Marketplace“. 

Until then Have A Great Day! 

(If you don’t think you’re having a great day, just try missing one.)

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