Things I Pick

Things I Pick

Picking Things I Pick
Picking Antiques and Collectibles

Things I’m Looking For:

This is a short list of some of the things I’m looking for.  But equally important are the things I don’t want (near bottom).

Antiques (Are 100 years old).

Carousel Figurines

Cat Figurines

Cobalt Blue Figurines (No bottles, vases, or jars – Only want dark blue).

Coins (I’m currently paying 11 times face value for silver coins 1964 or before).

Collectibles  (Unique items of yesteryear, but less then 100 years old).

Collections (Group of three or more of one type of an antique or collectible).




Hess Vehicles (no mini’s)

License Plates

Military Collectibles

Signs (metal)

Store Inventory (new from a closing store).

Toys  (1980’s and before, especially tin).

And More..


What I Don’t Want:

Automobiles (or any motorized vehicles, or parts).


Broken Items (or items with mold and mildew).


Glass – (Except for items mentioned above – this includes dishes, glassware, figurines, pictures with glass, windows, and etc.).

Heavy Items – If I can’t carry it, I don’t want it. (anything over 50 pounds).

Let me know what you have.