Porcelain Doll Limited Edition Heritage House

Porcelain Doll Limited Edition Heritage House

Victorian Porcelain 19” Doll Allison Green Velvet Dress

Limited Edition By Heritage House

Heritage House Porcelain Doll
19″ Porcelain Doll Allison by Heritage House

Porcelain Doll – Cloth Stuffed Body

Plaque Marked: Allison 2260/9800, back of neck marked 1213/2500.

Big Brown Eyes and long curly Brunet Hair….

She is wearing dark green velvet dress with flowered dress under it. White leggings (legs still wrapped in plastic) and black buckle shoes. Gold colored Guitar in one hand.

Measures 19 inches tall, and very nice condition with stand.

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    1. As with many collectibles dolls at one time were highly collectible. The age of most collectors is
      from the early 30’s to about 65. Unfortunately doll collectors are coming to the age of getting
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      Hope this helps,
      Mister Find IT

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