Black Box RS-232 Model TL 553 R3 4 Port Data Sharer

Black Box RS-232 Model TL 553 R3 4 Port Data Sharer

Black Box 4 Port Data Sharer
Black Box RS-232 4 Port Data Sharer

BLACK BOX RS-232 – Model TL 553A R3 4 Port DATA SHARER Brand New

This Black Box RS 232, Model TL 553A-R3 4 port Data Sharer will allow you to connect four devices to a single modem and phone line. The RS-232 Data Sharer features transparent operation up to 64 kbps and convenient LED monitoring. Front-panel switches enable and disable RTS on each input port. The Data Sharer features antistreaming circuitry to lock out any port the instant it begins to stream. On this 4 port model, hardware prioritized scanning lets the most frequently used channels go first. The RS-232 Data Sharer is compatible with various popular IBM communications protocols, such as half-duplex Bisynchronous Communication and Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC).

While this is a brand new Black Box, It has been in storage for a long while. The original box was crushed, but the unit is excellent (you will not get the original box). This very same model sells at many of the electronic sites for $500 – $688, so jump on this deal now.   It does come with the instruction book. Serial #99175824204.

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