50 Political Buttons

50 Political Buttons

50 Political Buttons | And 7 Other Pins | Political Buttons | Pinback Buttons

Political Campaign Buttons
50 Political Buttons

You get all 50 political campaign pinbacks/buttons and 7 other pinback buttons that are within the pictures.  The close ups are repeated photos from the first one.  Some of the pins may not be in the close up photos.  You do not get the back drop.  You do get:

  • 5 – Thanks Mom life pins (3 different styles).
  • 1 – Dickens house museum London pin.
  • 1 – Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

Following are the political pins or political buttons;

  • Mondale – Ferraro 84 – Both pictured
  • Mondale – Ferraro Eviction Notice
  • Mondale
  • IUE for Mondale – Ferraro
  • No discrimination, Minnesota Department of Human Rights
  • Out the door in 84, Dump Reagan
  • Our President, Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • I Like IKE
  • Progressive (picture of moose)
  • Count me for (picture) and a full (picture of a gas can/tank).
  • Dewey Bricker (both pictured)
  • Davis and Bryan
  • Smith for president (pictured)
  • Students for Kennedy (pictured)
  • Wings for Willkie America.
  • Truman Barkley
  • For President Charles E. Hughes (pictured)
  • For President Coolidge / Vice president Dawes (both pictured)
  • Bryan and Kern 1908 (both pictured)
  • Win with Wilson (pictured)
  • Don’t let this happen to you! Vote for IKE!
  • A Choice for change Goldwater Miller (both pictured)
  • FDR
  • (pictured)
  • One issue – One platform Vote Republican
  • Truman was screwy to build a porch for Dewey
  • Go forward with Stevenson Sparkman (both pictured)
  • (pictured)
  • Humphrey Muskie (both pictured)
  • (Pictured)
  • War in Europe Peace In America God Bless Wilson
  • (Pictured)
  • (Pictured in sun flower)
  • Roosevelt Cox
  • Parker – Davis (both pictured)
  • We need you Franklin D. Roosevelt (pictured)
  • Pat for first lady
  • Stevenson Kefauver
  • LBJ All the way
  • Roosevelt Truman One for all all for one
  • (both pictured)

 Most, if not all from #9 through #43 are 1972 reproductions.

  •  Elect McCrady secretary state
  • Keep King Auditor
  • Keep Bjornson Treasurer
  • Elect Robt. M. (Bob) Johnson R R & Whse Comm.
  • MacKinnon for Governor
  • Elect Peterson Lt. Governor
  • Elect Kunzig Attorney General
  • Keep Andersen Governor

Discarded these pinbacks 6/2018, as it appears collectors interest is no longer there, or they just don’t want to buy an entire lot. 

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