Picker of North Central Texas – Home

Picker of North Central Texas – Home

Welcome to Mister Find IT, LLC (R).

I am a picker in and around Wise County, Texas (north central Texas).   As a picker I’m always picking (buying) antiques, collectibles, collections, store closing merchandise, and other unique items.  Picking often means finding particular items for other people.  Many times you go through a lot of trash to find that one treasure,  in many ways it’s like finding a needle in a haystack.    But one mans trash is another mans treasure.  I enjoy picking and helping people find treasured memories.  When you click on the Picking Category  below I tell you what cities and towns in Texas I pick from.  In the future there will be some articles (and possibly video) about picking, collectibles and reselling.

In the past I provided a directory of who bought what collectibles, and hope to bring that directory back in the future.  In the meantime many of items I pick are being found for collectors, so the items I pick will be well displayed, sometimes even in a museum.  If you have something special you collect, or are looking for that rare, hard to find item let me knowThere is a reason I’m known as Mister Find IT. 

I do sell some of my picked items on eBay, which you can find in the Selling Category below (especially store closeouts) .  Or you can visit the Selling directory.  I post the items here, and link them to the actual sale for a few reasons.  1.) Test marketing – do back links really create more sales?  2.) I can tell and direct people to the item from my website, and not be lost in the eBay jungle.  3.) I have a review of the items for the future, and can go back to the Sold Category, and perhaps tell what the item sold for (therefore a price guide), and maybe a little about how I acquired the item.

What do you have for me to pick?

Mister Find IT


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